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Independent Living Skills

Do You Want To...

  • Interact more with others and make new friends!
  • Build confidence in yourself!
  • Participate in a mutual support network to share your ideas, experiences, and knowledge with others!
  • Learn more about and participate in leisure & recreation activities in and around Austin!
  • Gain skills which will assist you in becoming more independent now and after graduation from High School!
  • Learn more about the various support systems and training available to assist you now and upon graduation from High School!
  • Learn how to access the transportation system!


To live independently requires a certain set of “Independent Living Skills”

Who taught you how to:

  • use a checkbook

  • live on a budget

  • the art of grocery shopping

  • Etc.

IL Skills also include “coping” with yours or a loved one's disability.


ARCIL Transition Services Program

ARCIL provides independent living skills training through the Transition Services Program.

The mission of Transition Services is to empower consumers to participate and advance as members of the community. This service focuses on independent living skills, community supports, social leisure activities and appropriate referrals for education, training, and employment.


Transition Services

The Transition Services department provides community-focused instruction to enhance problem-solving; self-assertiveness, communication, decision making and other skills necessary for independent living. Functional Life Skills training provides instruction in areas such as cooking, home management, nutrition, accessing transportation, etc. These instructional activities are conducted in six-week blocks with topics changing every six weeks.

Peer support and social/recreational activities are planned and meeting dates scheduled in collaboration with consumers. Scheduled activities involve participation in the community through attendance at plays, museums, restaurants, shopping, movies and special events. The purpose of these activities is to expand opportunities for social recreation, make friends, improve personal quality of life and raise the communities awareness of persons with disabilities as peers.

In addition, this department assists students, parents, and teachers with issues relating to transition into the community while in school, and upon graduation from high school. This includes attendance at Admission Review and Dismissal's (ARD's), and Individual Transition Plans (ITP's), (staff schedule permitting). Assistance with the identification and pursuit of assistive devices or equipment may be provided. Also, direction in determining the appropriate resources for training and/or employment is available.